Carbon oxide

Submitted by Jaco on 04/30/2004 at 15:12. ( )

What will carbon oxide do to skins?
I was thinking along the lines of building a dehydration room were I could dry the skins using hot air by burning propane gas as a heating medium.

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Carbin dioxide

This response submitted by John C on 04/30/2004 at 15:22. ( )

Adding heat with not dry them by added heat they will slip any hair. aid in bacteria growth.

The reason a cloths dryers works is because of dry heat. The iar is pushed through the clothes to evapoarate the water. How how do you think a clothes drier gets? Every grap a load of clothes when the drier dings to have a metal button burn your arm? 180's is not uncommon for a drier.

You will need a dehumidifier along with your heat source and then it may not work out for you.

Look how dry the Artic is! Drier than the Sahara Desert!
Its hard to control the humidity even in your home.

I think Jaco is referring to...

This response submitted by marty on 05/03/2004 at 12:55. ( )

...Carbon Monoxide, NOT the stuff we exhale (Dioxide).

Digressing even further - dryers nowadays run at a lower temperature than the previous years. I guess this is driven by the clothing industry. And their recommendation nowadays is 165 degrees vs. 180 only a few years ago. We thought something was wrong with our new dryer as things weren't drying in their regular timeframe. We were ready to send it back! Now, we just cycle our clothes TWICE to get them dry. Colors are brighter, but the machine has to work twice as hard now...

Better off

This response submitted by cyclone on 05/03/2004 at 12:56. ( )

with that dehumidifier...

Carbon oxide, more commonly called carbon monoxide is quite poisonous. It will kill without notice, it is odorless and colorless.

Carbon dioxide will kill also, but by suffocation. For any users of dry ice please do not carry it in your vehicle's passenger compartment. Even in the trunk it can creep into the passenger compartment forcing all of the oxygen out. it is heavier than air so it slowly creeps up from the floor pushing out all the breathable air. Carry in an open pickup with plenty of ventillation only.

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