Lordy, Lordy, Oldshaver is Forty

Submitted by David Patton on 8/3/04 at 11:37 AM. ( )

Happy Birthday Big Guy! Hope you pulled a real Texas Western over the weekend. Guess we will have to start calling you the "really oldshaver" from now on. Or maybe the "Over the Hill Shaver". Just yanking your chain, here's to another forty years on the machine!LOL


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This response submitted by George on 8/3/04 at 11:57 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

When did FORTY get to be "OLD". Damn, that was 20 years ago for me and I'm still not sure how close to "old" I am. Didn't Randy Johnson throw a perfect game at that age? Henry Aaron hit his 755th home run, and George Blanda was still being used as an NFL quarterback. Hmmm, sounds like we got ourselves an imposter. LOL
Happy Birthday, YOUNG Shaver.

I agree with george...

This response submitted by Griz on 8/3/04 at 2:28 PM. ( )

I don't know you guys personally, but i got mental pictures of you based on your names, and i always pictured oldshaver as a 60ish year old, scruffy, bald, skinny guy with a leather apron and draw knife hunkered over a homemade fleshing beam LOL

And george he is just now turning forty- that means he was 'old' when he was 39 or probably 38 too! LOL

Anyways Happy Birthday Mr. Shaver :)


This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/3/04 at 2:55 PM. ( )

While Ill gladly extend the b'day wishes, am I the only one that still doesnt know who oldshaver is? I just know that name in here, I dont recall who the man behind the handle is. Someone can clue me in via email if its a secret! Haha, have a happy!

I don't know who old shaver is either

This response submitted by PA on 8/3/04 at 4:42 PM. ( )

But there is lots of indentities that remain unknown. Happy birthday to the youngster also.

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