Can you combine the degrease pickle step ......

Submitted by Bryan on 8/13/04 at 9:48 PM. ( )

Can you combine the rehydrate degrease and pickle in one step ?. I am using Oxalic acid and lutan. Thanks

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combine why.

This response submitted by eric on 8/13/04 at 11:03 PM. ( )

yes, just as you can put your pie, steak, beans, coffee, bread and watermellon in a blender and mix and eat it all together too. and still live. but each step has its seperate virtues.


This response submitted by wilson on 8/15/04 at 11:46 AM. ( )

your pickle should stay somewhere around 2 on a ph meter and a good degreaser is at a 8-12 on the ph meter. So as eric was trying to say with out knowing it ;was NO .hehe

mineral spirits

This response submitted by John W. on 8/16/04 at 2:20 PM. ( )

Bryan,I use mineral spirits to degrease my skins,I let it soak into the skins for about 30 to 45 minutes,then I rinse it off the best I can,it never comes completely out,but then I go ahead and put it into my pickle,I currently use safety acid but have used Van Dykes pickling crystals,I have never had any problems with ph levels rising,just make sure you check you ph level everyday and you should be fine,by-the-way ,mineral spirits is around $2.90 a gallon compared to the expensive quarts you see in the supply catalogs-hope this helps-John W.

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