Submitted by jeff on 8/21/04 at 10:22 AM. ( )

what do you mean by questionable hides? i found a kit of ez-100 and may use that stuff instead of cream tanning and then oiling so its going in the pickle either way. now ive been reading that thin skinned animals dont need to be shaved down after pickling -what are the cut offs for that-obviously deer need to be shaved down, but how about smaller animals? sorry for the questions. thanks

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This response submitted by George on 8/21/04 at 2:14 PM. ( )

If I find maggots on a hide, if it's green in places, or if it smells "spoiled", that's a questionable hide for me. I pickle those. Others, just get salt and tan. I seldom shave thin skinned animals. Often times a bird wheel will remove the meat and sinew sufficiently for me.

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