Problem with pickle ph in florida

Submitted by pointer on 9/12/04 at 9:14 PM. ( )

As the last hurricane approached, before evacuation i put several buffalo hides and capes in a 55 gal pickle of safety acid and a little kemal. I did the same with whitetail capes in another mix.I thought they would be safer in the barrels in case my shop lost its roof or something. I started with the ph at 1. When I came back the whitetail pickle was at about 1.5 but the buffalo pickle was at six. All of the capes had been pressure fleshed and salted prior to the pickle but none of the buffalo had been shaved. Could the extra thickness of the buffalo hides have caused this. The hair was not slipping but everything in that pickle smelled sour.I re mixed and put fewer buffalo hides in each mix. don't know if i can save the hides but would sure like to know what might have caused the difference. any info would be appreciated.

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Thicker skins absorb acid!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/14/04 at 11:03 AM. ( )

Yes - the thickness of the unshaven Bison skin absorbs some of the Acid. Since so little is used - even a slight absorbtion of the acid can change the PH. For a thick skin like Bison - I'd recommend using 0.75 fl. ozs. of the Saftee Acid instead of the usual 0.50! That way you compensate for any flucuations. Also - I would not add anything extra to the pickle - except Acid, Salt and Acid Bate. Avoid adding alkaline washing products to it.

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