Submitted by Troy on 8/31/04 at 10:40 PM. ( )

Any of you pressure washers out there use the auto tanner after pressure washing your capes? Do you have to adjust your crystal mix or go with the recipe straight up? Any input would be great. Thanks in advance!


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Pressure washing caps

This response submitted by Taxidermy 45 on 9/3/04 at 10:34 PM. ( )

Troy, I use a pressure washer and the auto tanner all the time. They are the best things since sliced bread! Pressure wash, then spin dry your capes, dry with a towel best as you can, then mix crystals straight up. If you are freezing capes before putting them in the tanner , use a shop vac to dry hair side before freezing, if thay are wet you could lose hair behind ears and on armpits from ice swelling the epidermis and causing the hair to lift of in patches. If you need more info, I will be glad to help all I can.

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