THANK YOU Glen Conley for the PH info!

Submitted by Greg on 9/1/04 at 7:15 PM. ( )

I just wanted to say thank you for calling me back really quick the other night! What you said made allot of sense and I now know allot more about the PH in tanning. I will try to get the pics of the turkey head and the fox out to you ASAP. If anyone wants a great tanning system that is eazy to use, you need to try Whitetail Designer systems it is great!
Thanks again,
Greg @ Wildlife Illusions Taxidermy

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You are most welcome, Greg.

This response submitted by Glen Conley on 9/1/04 at 7:39 PM. ( )

The conversation was a pleasure, for sure!

I am really anxious to see the turkey head photo. I have a suspicion that the preservation technique you used is a bit of a "discovery".

Now quit keeping me in suspense, and send the darn photo! LOL!

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