Submitted by DBoaz on 9/2/04 at 1:06 PM. ( dboaz@wk.net )

Looking to start a new tannery in western ky with the help of bruce Rittel.Any info or suggestions would be helpfull.
Thanks for your time.

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This response submitted by oldshaver on 9/3/04 at 7:54 PM. ( )

I wish you all the luck in the world in your new business, but I have a couple of questions to ask you. Do you know how much competion you got out there? Search the tannerys on this site and add about 50 smaller ones to it. How many skins and different types of skins have you tanned before? How many different animal skins have you shaved? There is nothing wrong with trying to better yourself, but without alot of experience, you are going to be fighting a hard battle, up a very steep hill! There are alot of other tannerys out there that are hanging on by a thread. Just hope you are not one of them, because you will be left be high and dry while somebody else gets loaded on your investment! I am just saying, think about it long and hard. Good Luck

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