I thought if I oiled a squirrel it would help it

Submitted by mal on 9/25/04 at 12:47 AM. ( )

I did all the steps to tanning a squirrel and decieded to oil it.
It was 5 hours after I oiled it and I decided to check to see if it was fitting the manniken properly and the hair just sliped right off the hide.
Why did this Happen?
Was it cause I wasnt suposed to touch it until it hardens or did I do
somthing esle wrong.
P.S I know oiling a squirrel is not needed, but I just wanted to see
if it made and improvement with stretch.

Any info would be greatly appreiciated.

THank you

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What did you tan it with?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/25/04 at 2:08 AM. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

It would be helpful if you describe what you tanned it with or how? What you are decribing is not what normally should happen. Oiling it shouldnt cause a problem if you used what would be considered a true tan. In fact its necessary - unless you used a paint on tan combining a tanning agent and oil.

I used McKenzie brush on tan

This response submitted by mal on 9/25/04 at 10:55 AM. ( )

I salted for one day and then I used saftee acid for the pickle
with a ph of 1.5 for 3 days and then I neuatralized acid with baking soda, then I dried it and brushed McKenzie tan on it for 1 day
and then I washed it off and applyed McKenzie oil. and five hours later I touched it and the fur pealed of the hide.



This response submitted by MichelleW on 9/25/04 at 5:02 PM. ( blacktail21@hotmail.com )


Sounds as though bacteria had a chance to set in befor you salted it and put it in the pickle. How hong was the squirl out befor it was put in the freezer, etc?



This response submitted by matt k. on 9/25/04 at 5:22 PM. ( )

Should borax be applied to tanned skin prior to manniken for excessive taxidermy shelf-life?

Have you talked to McKenzie?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 9/25/04 at 9:40 PM. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

McKenzie has a very experienced staff available to handle questions like yours. I'd highly recommend talking to them - particularly since it's their product. I'm sure they could offer some future suggestions.
Their phone number is (888) 279-7985

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