shelf life of salted cape

Submitted by Matt on 11/14/04 at 12:28 AM. ( )

How long will a properly salted cape (deer or elk) keep in a cool environment before you have to get it tanned?

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Salted Capes

This response submitted by Jo on 11/14/04 at 1:54 AM. ( )

I have salted capes under my workbench that are two years old, spares, they will keep for a very long time if they are handled properly. Keep them away from heat and dampness, they can draw moisture. Jo


This response submitted by newbirdman on 11/14/04 at 9:08 AM. ( )

Besides what Jo just said , also keep the bugs away from them . If you have room in your freezer , put them in it once in a while during the warmed months to kill any bugs and eggs or just leave them there . Rick

The problem is.........!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/14/04 at 7:27 PM. ( )

The problem with salting and drying your skins and capes and then keeping them for long periods of time - is that eventually all the water content slowly leaves them and at some point in time the fibers actually collapse and it's extremely difficult to rehydrate them. I consider salted and dried skins or capes stored more than a period of 1 1/2 or 2 years at their peak for easy hydration. Any longer - the fibers begin to collapse. They can be tanned - but they never recover to the extent that fresher skins and capes will.

Heat can be an even bigger problem. While they are stored - if exposed to high temperatures - the water is forced out, the fibers collapse and the fibers actually "glue" together. This can cause some really tough rehydration problems - especially in fatty skins or capes.

father time

This response submitted by eric on 11/14/04 at 8:22 PM. ( )

i 100% agree with bruce the way congrats Bruce on your red sox win!

Thanks for all the advice

This response submitted by Matt on 11/14/04 at 9:33 PM. ( )

Thank you all for sharing your information!

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