McKenzie Tan

Submitted by t.d. on 11/22/04 at 11:39 PM. ( )

I,m getting ready to tan two deer capes for mounting using McKenzie Tan. I,ve read good things about this product and I can't wait to use it. If you are using it let me know.

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td, I love it

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 11/22/04 at 11:44 PM. ( )

There are those who seem to be having problems with it though. I still dont believe its the tan itself, but something procedural. At the same time, I doubt very much that some guys suddenly forgot how to tan! Im not sure why it is, but like I said, I absolutely love it, and I wasnt looking for a replacement! I personally feel you have to salt WELL, pickle, and shave THIN for best results, but thats how I feel about all tans.

I love it, too

This response submitted by James Parrish on 11/23/04 at 5:25 PM. ( )

I love McKenzie tan too. When I use it, I flesh the face by hand and turn the eyes, ears, etc. I then flesh the cape down with my trusty pressure washer. I wash the cape in Tide or equivalent and rinse well. Then, I put it through the spin cycle on my washing machine. I usually skip the salt and go straight into a Safetee Acid pickle for 3 days. I then thin the cape down and put it back in the pickle overnight. Next, I neutralize and tan per the instructions. I have had no problems. If you don't thin the cape down enough, you will not get enough stretch to be able to get it on the form. A way to correct that is to thin it some more or soak the tanned cape in baking soda and water for 15-20 min. Spin in the washer and you should be good to go.

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