Refreezing Rehydrated Cape

Submitted by I'm such a dork on 11/16/04 at 11:40 PM. ( )

I'm dead... dirty words...

I can't believe I did this. I always swore I'd never do this. After my salt-dried hide was in the rehydration bath, I realized I only had about half of the needed amount of safety acid for my pickle bath. I think I could either resalt or refreeze until I can get more acid. My husband talked me into refreezing, so I rinsed it out and laid it flat in the freezer. Then I cranked the thermostat down on the freezer a bit.

I'm worried the salt-penetration of the hide will prevent it from freezing totally, and bacteria will grow slowly. But if I resalt it, the moisture for the next 24 hours or so becomes a breeding ground for the once-dormant bacteria.... even if I stuck a fan on it.

Did I ruin it? By the way, it's a whitetail shoulder mount.

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It will probably be ok

This response submitted by Steve Anders on 11/18/04 at 5:34 PM. ( )

I'm no expert, but I'd bet it will be okay. I've heard of people keeping properly pickled capes in the freezer for up to a year before continuing on with the tanning process. Even if you didn't have the right pickling formula my guess would be that it will be okay as long as you get it back into the proper pickle again before too much time passes.....Steve

It turned out fine

This response submitted by Kristi on 12/1/04 at 10:06 AM. ( )

I finished tanning the cape last night (lutan F), and everything looks great. I don't detect any slippage. I did, however, leave it in my safety acid pickle bath longer than usual, just due to my busy schedule last week. I'm sure it was good and pickled.

Just thought I'd follow up for anyone searching archives.

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