Krowtann Epoxy?

Submitted by WBHarness on 11/2/04 at 6:42 PM. ( )

Sent my wife to Ozark Woods the other day to pick up some Krowtann (only live 45 minutes away). Brian did not recognize my wife and sent some directions with the Krowtann. I just so happened to notice on the back that he does not recommend using epoxy with the krowtanned deer capes. I used epoxy all of last year on my Krowtanned capes with no problem. Was just wndering if anyone had any problems or knew why he warns against epoxy. I will call him tommorrow and ask but was just wandering if anyone had any bad experiences with the combination or what could possibly happen.

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I'm no alum tan fan anyway

This response submitted by George on 11/2/04 at 11:42 PM. ( )

But to think about mounting one and NOT using epoxy is out of my thought patterns. Alum tans have enough problems without wanting the very best adhesive to hold it to the forms.


This response submitted by Ozark Woods on 11/3/04 at 10:04 AM. ( )

Is why we warn people about useing epoxy hide pastes. whene we first put Krowtann on the market we had a customer that used epoxy and was haveing problems, after talking to them about it they looked at the instructions on the epoxy paste they were useing it called for the hide not to be wet, moisture would efect it.I dont remember what brand of paste it was but after changeing to another brand they had no more problems.Also we always send instructions with tann,no mater who you are.

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