fleshing after krowtann

Submitted by jim on 11/7/04 at 4:26 PM. ( )

In the directions is says to nutralize before final fleshing.
I was wondering if it is harder to flesh than say out of a pickle?
I ask this because in the pickle they plump up and firm up.
Then when I nutralize after fleshing they get soft and stretchy.
Thanks, Jim

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This response submitted by anthony on 11/7/04 at 9:04 PM. ( )

if you do the final fleshing after you nutralize the hide you dont have to wear gloves or deal with the acids on the skin because they have been nutralized also the hide is still plumped up and easy to flesh.

Thanks anthony

This response submitted by Jim on 11/7/04 at 9:32 PM. ( )

Thanks, are you happy with your krowtan results?

I love Krowtan

This response submitted by Brent on 11/9/04 at 10:14 PM. ( )

The hide are so easy to shave- no salting great strech

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