Need fish skins tanned.

Submitted by Dan on 12/2/04 at 8:19 AM. ( )

Looking for tannery for fish skins that I have.All replies are greatful.I live in southern Idaho. Thanks Dan

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This response submitted by tomdes on 12/2/04 at 8:27 AM. ( )

I just looked at my few tannery brochures and I just don't see any fish skin tanning. LMAO Denatured alcohol is a favorite for preparing skins to mount. It's available at your local hardware store or even at Wally-world.


This response submitted by eric on 12/2/04 at 9:38 AM. ( )

you can tan your fish skins using bruces eze 100 method. i've done 100's of spoonbill skins that-a-way and they turned out good. i'll be doing sturgeon next. a have a biker that wants a special leather.

Fish skin tanneries

This response submitted by cur on 12/2/04 at 12:31 PM. ( )

Check the archives by using the orange search button. As I recall, there was a long discourse on here a few years ago regarding that very same subject. There were some tanneries operating in North America at that time, and others overseas.

You can tan fish skins, but the paddle fish mentioned is a scaleless species. Scaled fish and sharks and rays require special equipment for processing to remove scales, shave denticles and the like. I think this was all covered in the previous posts.

fish Skins

This response submitted by ccook63 on 12/22/04 at 11:43 AM. ( )

I have been doing fish for a couple of years now and have found that methol alcohol is the best thing to preserve fish skins. It can be gotten at a fuel oil suppier for about 25 doolars for five gallons.

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