george roof-whats this b.s. w/ cream tan?

Submitted by mk on 12/4/04 at 1:59 PM. ( )

why are people saying the cream tan won't last? i've had good results with it as well as some others that i know use it. and i've heard a few people-taxidermists and customers, saying that it wont hold up and will go to crap in 10 yrs or something like that.-whats your take?

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My duaghter uses it all the time

This response submitted by DaveT on 12/4/04 at 3:58 PM. ( )

I prefer to just go outside for a while.


Who says cream tan won't last?

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/4/04 at 4:46 PM. ( )

I know I am not George but I was just curious as I have not read that here on the forums. I hear alot that dry preserve will not last but never cream tan. If you are having good results then what does it matter what people say? Do what you like.

Van Dykes

This response submitted by Alex on 12/4/04 at 4:56 PM. ( )

Instant preserve is the bEst, have used it for over 25 years, I have mounts still about 25 years old a little clean up and they look as new, it doesn't yellow the hait either, But I do thin the skins that Iam going to mount with DP, I still preferd Tan Skins when time allows.

mk, exactly where did you find that white powder?

This response submitted by George on 12/4/04 at 7:41 PM. ( )

Have you been snorting DP or what. You've never EVER heard me say any such thing about a cream tan. I've used John Rinehart Tanning Solution for so long I don't even recall when I started. Some of the OLD guys used to call it "slip cream", but I've never had a problem with it. JRTS is the ONLY supplier who had the brass to recommend using it with no pickle. Now the others are meekly admitting it would "probably" work but aren't so self assured of the fact.

Now, should I await your apology or is Hell likely to freeze over first?


This response submitted by ; ) on 12/5/04 at 6:18 PM. ( )

it looks like to me

whoa slow down there

This response submitted by mk on 12/6/04 at 8:51 PM. ( )

i wasn't bashing the cream tan and i know you like it, however i hear people not prefering to use it because they think their mounts wont last. i just wanted to see what you thought about that.

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