Brain Tan

Submitted by Eric on 12/6/04 at 9:25 PM. ( )

Does anybody know of anywhere that a guy can get a buffalo hide brain Tanned? I have a client wanting this done, but wasn't sure if it was possible. Thanks for any help.

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Try the search

This response submitted by Matthew on 12/6/04 at 9:28 PM. ( )

Red some posts about it in there.
Maybe you can try it yourelf!

Brain Tanning

This response submitted by cur on 12/6/04 at 10:06 PM. ( )

There is an interesting article about brain-tanning buffalo hides at

www.tangle_foot for brain tanning

www, service and links

Good luck

Brain Tanned Buffalo

This response submitted by Matt Richards on 12/11/04 at 7:50 PM. ( )

Hi Eric,

We brain tan buffalo hides all the time. You can reach us at or 888 443-3826 (888 Hide-Tan). We guarantee all of our work.

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