Submitted by Brian on 12/7/04 at 7:44 AM. ( )

I started using citric acid andwhen i tan a cape i can not get it to stretch back to the size i need it. If i have a 18 inch deer i order a 18 inch form i use McKenzie brush on tan and i have trouble getting the stretch i need any suggetions.

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might not be thin enough

This response submitted by John W. on 12/7/04 at 9:32 AM. ( )

Brian, can you see the bluish tint to the skin,it could be your not thinning it enough.Another possibility,your hide may be too wet when applying the McKenzie Tan.I'm not bad mouthing the tan ,but my personal observation ,and I have tanned 15 deer with it, is that I don't get the stretch that I do when using Liqua-Tan.Mike Gillis couldn't believe it when I told him this,so he sent me another quart to try,and I'm still getting the same results,better stretch with Liqua-Tan.Like I said I'm not bad mouthing the tan,it works great for a lot of folks-including Bill Yox,but not for me,but like I said in the beginning,might not have the hide thin enough or too wet when appling the tan.


This response submitted by JohnR on 12/7/04 at 10:40 AM. ( )

my first thought..and this is from personal experience..are you measuring your cape correctly..I had the smae problem and discovered I was measuring the cape incorrectly..I discovered this when I measured the manniquin ..where I thought I was supposed to be measuring was a little off..take your manniquin and find where the 18" is. If thats not the problem..did you change pickles/tans..or is this what you have always used..if you changed something..then maybe thats the problem

Relaxing the hide?

This response submitted by Jeff 458okie W. on 12/8/04 at 11:52 PM. ( )

Are you neutralizing the cape after the final pickle bath before tanning? If you have not, it tends to remain plumped (a pH thing with acid baths)

That could be it. Neutralize with Baking soda for 25-40 minutes, rinse in several clean tubs of water, damp-dry, then use the brush on tan, stretch it wide and length-wise by hand a few times and then mount (after specified time and according to McKenzie directions provided with the tan).

The key may be assuring the acid bath (pickle) was neutralized properly for good stretch.


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