Tanning 1st Animal... bear

Submitted by Cliff on 12/8/04 at 2:04 PM. ( cliff@drdupee.com )

I already have a very nice rug. This bear does not have a nice hide, but is well taken care of. I have read tanning books. Sounds like a lot of work. I want to do it. What about a kit like Luftan F 100? I'd just like to choose a technique and get started. Any real suggestions would be appriciated.

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This response submitted by scottz on 12/8/04 at 3:31 PM. ( )

Try Krowtan, get from Van Dykes, or Ozark Woods

A bear as a first animal to tan?

This response submitted by Evelyn on 12/8/04 at 4:00 PM. ( )

That sounds like trouble is on its way. Even most professionals send a bear out for tanning. Their skin is very oily and if you are not experienced in the tanning process then you will end up with oilburnt skin. Send the bear out if you plan on keeping him. Try your tanning skills on a deer, fox, bobcat or similar but not a bear.

You are probably correct, Evelyn

This response submitted by Cliff on 12/8/04 at 5:06 PM. ( )

There is one factor in my favor. This is the fourth bear I have skinned. I shot it in Southern California and it had no fat on it at all! I know that inside the skin is a different story. The hair on the boar looks thin and more like a pig than a bear. You can see right through to the skin in areas. It is not really worth spending money on. I dont want to throw it away. I've got the time and desire. Golden State will tan it for $27 per lin ft. I will still have to spend money on chemicals. If I'm gonna spend the time I want a soft skin to toss around. Rittles, Lutan or Krowtann? Or do you know of any cheaper tanneries. If I could have it tanned for $15 a lin. ft. I would. Thanks.

Contrary to what you'd hear here...

This response submitted by George on 12/8/04 at 8:09 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

...Krowtan is not the cure to the ills of the world. Your choice of Luftan F is quite good and the one I used when I did my first bear a whole lot of years ago. As Evelyn stated, a bear is a tough choice to start with, BUT if you're willing, you have to start someplace. Once you get it tanned, you're still going to have to break it manually and that's going to cause you some grief with sore fingers and arms. Still, it CAN be done and you're not going to get it much cheaper than doing it yourself.


This response submitted by - on 12/9/04 at 1:03 PM. ( )

Isn't it illegal to possess bear stuff in CA? No wonder you can't send it out, and have to do it by hand, if so.

It's legal

This response submitted by Cliff on 12/9/04 at 9:23 PM. ( )

to possess and transport lawfully taken game. You cannot SELL any part of any game animal.

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