McKenzie leather oil

Submitted by Matt on 12/8/04 at 5:08 PM. ( )

I have tanned a couple of deer hides and a racoon with McKenzie tan and have noticed when dry they get really hard and dry up when i leave them out. They do not remain flexible and i stretched them with my hands over a table to try to break them while they were wet. Is this not the proper way to break my hides or what. Any way i noticed that McKenzie sells leather oil and was wondering if this would produce a flexible tan when the animal is hung like a rug. Does anyone wlse experience this. I would like to hang some furs that i trap this season but i cant hang them if they get all dry and stiff like a rock.

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oil a must

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 12/9/04 at 5:46 AM. ( )

with any tan if you want a soft hide it's a must to oil and break. If your breaking by hand then you need to do with over a blunt edge. Doing it over a table reeally isn't doing a thing for you. With a blunt edge it will help and start breaking down the fibers and give you a soft hide. There is a ton of info also in the search engine

blunt edge

This response submitted by Matt on 12/9/04 at 8:21 PM. ( )

What is a blunt edge and what could i stretch it over that has a blunt edge. like the edge of a table or what

not a table

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 12/10/04 at 7:13 AM. ( )

Take and axe and it should be a bit on the dull side. This is what has been used in many homemade tools. You will take the skin side and go back and forth over this egde to break down the fibers in the hide. This will give you a softer hide.

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