Looking for tannery for small game

Submitted by steve on 12/15/04 at 9:14 PM. ( )

Looking for a good tannery for bobcats, coyotes, fox etc. Some one who does a good tan for mounting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve

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Trophy Game Tanning, LLC

This response submitted by Jeff on 12/15/04 at 9:50 PM. ( info@trophygametanning.com )

We do quite a bit of small game tanning. We are located in Wisconsin.
Call us if interested.

877 783-7682

South Texas

This response submitted by cur on 12/15/04 at 11:26 PM. ( )

South Texas F.D. Co.
1017 Northgate Road
Victoria, TX 77904

we tann in ohio

This response submitted by shawn on 12/16/04 at 9:45 AM. ( shawnstaxidermy@aol.com )

email or call 419-284-0070

Steve we can help you

This response submitted by Gary Kies on 12/16/04 at 10:14 AM. ( gdkies@dmci.net )

Steven: We are located in southern Michigan and tan for taxidermists all over the U.S. Please visit our website kandktannery.com for a shipping document if you are interested in trying us. We use Rittel's EZ100 tan. It has an excellent stretch. Happy Holidays, K & K Tannery.

Oregon Tannery

This response submitted by Josh Wedmore on 12/22/04 at 12:06 AM. ( Jwedmore2323@aol.com )

We do any game wet or dry tanned. We do alot of work for taxidermist as we are taxidermist ourselves we know what people want out of a piece. If you are interested email or call my cell at 541-729-0872 or call the shop at 541-752-1959.
Like to hear from you.
Thanks Josh Wedmore

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