Moyle Tannery

Submitted by steve on 12/15/04 at 9:52 PM. ( )

Was thinking of sending some small game to Moyles. Has anyone had any experience with them. Thanks

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I have...

This response submitted by Drew on 12/15/04 at 10:45 PM. ( )

Sent them some pelts (not for taxidermy) and they came back beautiful. Sent them some capes and they sucked. They were not shaved down, stiff, no stretch, and I had to sweat them for 2 days to soften them up. Not to mention they almost cut the whole ear off.

Lots of people like them, I will never use them again.

Their quality can't be beat

This response submitted by KB on 12/15/04 at 10:46 PM. ( )

We won't send our furs to anyone else anymore, because Moyle's is so far above everyone else we've tried for small game. Fur coat quality.


This response submitted by MOUNTAIN MAN on 12/22/04 at 5:18 PM. ( )

MOYLE does a great job on garmet tanning. They dont specialize
in Taxidermy tanning. Read their brochure

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