Miniflesher Operation Question

Submitted by Stub on 12/20/04 at 12:46 PM. ( )

I have been using a miniflesher this fall but am having problems w/ it seeming to be underpowered and using alot of air, I realize that these tools do require a substantial air supply but what I am using I feel should be adequate. I have a 6 horse compressor w/ a 30 gallon tank and have been regulating my air around 80 psi. I question this because the motor on the tool seems to have a spot in it where the blade will stick and actually stop the tool quite often, could this have anything to do w/ it requiring so much air. I can run at 80psi for appx. 2 minutes to run my tank from 150psi to around 50-60psi where the tool will not work properly any longer. Is this air usage standard? Do I need a larger compressor? Is my motor shot?

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More CFM

This response submitted by MS on 12/20/04 at 1:31 PM. ( )

You mayt have a 6 hp motor but what you need is the actual compressor to put out more Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). At 50-60 psi, the pneumatic motor tool will not operate properly.

Check adjustment

This response submitted by Kristi on 12/20/04 at 3:40 PM. ( )

I own one as well. It does use a ton of air. It usually takes me about an hour to flesh or shave a deer cape. I usually have best results above 70 psi. I turn eyes/lips/nose while my compressor rebounds to shave larger areas again.

However, the blade should not stick without pressure to the hide (at a low psi). If it does, you might simply need to unclog the particles from between the blade and the shield, or you may have the shield too close to the blade.

I Just got mine!

This response submitted by Joe SC on 12/20/04 at 8:57 PM. ( )

I bought A mini flesher And a 32 gal. tank with a 5.5 motor and I took the compressor back and bought a 60 gal. tank and a 7 hp., it said that it would run a high speed sander so now I dont have to wait on the air to build back up! A little expensive but worth it.

Seems like

This response submitted by Jon S on 12/21/04 at 7:36 AM. ( )

the 6hp compressor ought to be able to keep up with the mini flesher. Your tank shouldn't run down to 50psi. Why is that happening? That is probably your problem.

Have you

This response submitted by Bradlee on 12/21/04 at 9:41 AM. ( )

Checked the petcock on your tank ? Jon C may be onto something there.
It shouldn't run down like that , atleast not that fast . My tank started doing that a few months ago and the problem was that the moisture in the tank had rusted around the petcock and created a leak (tank is 13 years old ) .
I replaced the petcock and it works fine again . Bradlee

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