Freeze tanned hide?

Submitted by Jake on 12/30/04 at 11:34 PM. ( )

It is my first time wet tanning and i need to know when i can freeze my hide or if i have to mount him. Right now he is in the ammonium alum solution tanning. Where should i go from there? mount him? or CAN i freeze him. Your help is appreciated!

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freeze or mount, you choose

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wet tan

This response submitted by mike d on 12/31/04 at 10:07 AM. ( )

When you are done with the tan oil the cape.
I leave mine sit on the bench (bag or cover with plastic) for at least 6 hours; usually over night.
Then freeze or mount; the oil needs time to penetrate the skin; be sure to heat the oil before applying.


This response submitted by Jake on 12/31/04 at 12:49 PM. ( )

Thanks alot, mike!
That does a world of help!

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