I used McKenzie Tan without the pickle

Submitted by Chuck on 1/1/05 at 4:07 PM. ( )

First I cleaned the meat and fat off with the pressure washer. I then salted for a day and froze until I got my forms delivered. I thawed and just brushed the tanning cream on two deer capes and mounted. After reading about the shrinking with the pickle I decided to try it without the pickle. I read on here that capes had to be thinned to get stretch. I ask George if he thought it would work, and he thought it would, as long as the capes were fresh. I'm new to taxidermy and don't have a fleshing machine to thin the cape to prevent shrinking. Anyway, it worked great. Now I will have to wait to see how they hold up over time. By the way, the deer were just for practice, they didn't belong to a customer or anything. I just thought that if anyone wanted to know it works without the pickle.

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just send your capes to bloomfields

This response submitted by shawn on 1/2/05 at 10:50 AM. ( shawnstaxidermy@aol.com )

save your self the hassle, they do a great wet tann, there in ohio phone is 419-284-0070

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