Does wet tan leaves hair sticky?

Submitted by Linda on 2/2/05 at 10:35 AM. ( )

We sent 3 lifesize Black bear hides to be wet tanned for the 1st time ever? They came back in 3-4 months and All seemed to be well while we've put 2 of the hides on the forms - lots of stretch and they seemed just fine... They are dry now and they stunk like wet leather for the 1st week and the hair is still kinda sticky not soft and fluffy like they have been with the dry tan in the past? Anybody ever experienced that? The wet leather tan finally went away - what can you do for the sticky hair - just not fluffy.... very dissappointed in the final results ( one of those hides are mine !)
Whats the secret?

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wet tann

This response submitted by mike d on 2/2/05 at 11:11 AM. ( )

Evidently your tannery did not tumble the hides enough to clean the tanning oil out of the hair.
If you continue to use this tannery, I would let them know the problem!
You can tumble the skins for a while with sawdust that contains mineral spirits if they have not been mounted; if they are mounted let them dry completely and then shampoo them; dry with towels and place under a fan to speed the final drying.

Wet Tan

This response submitted by Mark on 2/2/05 at 12:31 PM. ( markstaxidermy@aol )

Hi Linda, Did you wash the hide before mounting? I have found that a wet tan needs to be washed before mounting. this will get the tanning oils out of the hair and give you the nice full soft look you want.
this is esspecially true with fine hair animals such as bobcats etc.

Best regards


Wet tans aren't tumbled

This response submitted by George on 2/2/05 at 12:58 PM. ( )

That's why they're "wet". As Mark said, you're expected to wash your cape before mounting to get the residual oils off.

Pert Plus

This response submitted by Mike G. on 2/2/05 at 1:02 PM. ( )

A little bit has worked very well for me.


This response submitted by Linda on 2/2/05 at 2:18 PM. ( )

Guess we didnt no that and were not told.
We have called the tannery that did the hides and the fellow said he had never had this complaint before ! ? That is hard to believe. He is suppose to be sending us something to bathe the 2 lifesize bears with. That outta be fun ! 350 pounder and a 150 pounder !
Hope they fit in the bathtub shower - we live in Wisconsin and it's cold here! Thanks again for your imput ....

H&H Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Danny O. on 2/2/05 at 9:03 PM. ( )

If you have any more problems with your current tanner give H&H Fur Dressing a try. I sent them some Bears and Deer capes to tan and wanted them all wet taned. They all came back great with no oil on them and lots of stretch.

Good luck!

Who is H&H

This response submitted by Linda on 2/3/05 at 7:08 AM. ( )

Danny O
Do you have a number or web sight?
I am picking up some Pert Plus today

Climb inside

This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/3/05 at 9:00 AM. ( )

The bear hide and run around in the shower while someone shampoos ! Great free entertainment! LOL I always have to to my great puppet tricks! Makes work more fun . Admit it , you all have done the great puppet trick atleast once ! LOL Maybe next time someone brings in a large bear and has no idea what pose he wants it in, just climb inside and strike a few poses to help him decide ! Great buisness ! LOL Anyway, Pert Plus does do a good job .

Puppet Person =:)

This response submitted by Linda on 2/3/05 at 12:38 PM. ( )

Thanks for the advice, I think that would be a good job for my husband the Taxidermist - he always says I'm his assistant ! And it's his bear that isnt together yet... So I will assist in soaping him up in his bear hide ! Thats meant to be funny ! The 2 bears that are on forms could be a challenge for him - although we do bathe 1 oversized Black Lab every other month and a Good sized Golden Retriever after that ( TOTALLY ALIVE ! ) In the bath tub...
We do love our Taxidermy work - we work together and all goes fine as long as it goes my way ! LOL It'll be a Pert Plus evening... Thanks


This response submitted by Bradlee on 2/3/05 at 12:47 PM. ( )

You are welcome Linda . Don't forget candles and champagne for soaping up his bear hide ! LOL The bear wont drink much so more for you two ! LOL Have fun, bradlee

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