tanning whitetail capes from US and Canada

Submitted by angelo on 2/2/05 at 1:15 PM. ( )

Hi, I was just curious regarding shaving whitetail capes from different parts of the U.S. as well as Canada. I had a couple of capes that were from canada and had them sent out to be wet tanned and found problems with the hair falling out. I use this tannery all the time and like their work and haven't had problems with Deer from the Northeast. I had someone from Canada tell me that deer from those areas should not be shaved down as much like one from the Northeast. Do other tanneries request to know where the cape was from and treat it differently depending where it came from?

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This response submitted by daveP on 2/2/05 at 4:38 PM. ( )

A reputable tanner will know what he has when he gets it. A Canadian deer and a northeastern deer are similar and are easily distinguished from the western and southern US and Mexican deer. Good luck with the tannery!

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