need help on dry salted cape

Submitted by neal ierien on 2/7/05 at 11:19 PM. ( )

ok, here we go! question! i have a dry salted cape and every thing is turned. i dont want to tan this cape. so can i soak it up again in a relaxer then wash out the salt, etc thin out the cape then put my dry pre on? or will this screw things up? i have done one once before, but the cape was frozzen w/ salt on it. is that the same thing in away? thanks neal

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Might work.

This response submitted by Steve A on 2/8/05 at 5:35 PM. ( )

I've never used dry preserve. I think what you are doing might be risky. If you can dry the hide quickly, maybe using a fur drum with saw dust, and blow it out good, it might not slip. Otherwise I think the excess water would cause it to slip. Just my guess....

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