commercial tanner

Submitted by Randy on 2/12/05 at 10:45 AM. ( )

I'm looking for a commercial tanner to use for my capes?

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Where Are You?

This response submitted by Old Fart on 2/12/05 at 10:59 AM. ( )

Tell us where you are and you'll probably get recommendations for tanners that aren't all the way across the country. There are very good tanners all over the country, but it would make no sense to recommend a tanner in Florida if you are in Oregon. Shipping would kill you.


This response submitted by Randy on 2/12/05 at 12:58 PM. ( )

I live in Southwest Missouri about 18 miles from Springfield

OS patiently awaits,lurking!

This response submitted by HoosierDaddy on 2/12/05 at 2:03 PM. ( )

But no return!

A little under the weather

This response submitted by oldshaver on 2/12/05 at 4:46 PM. ( )

I aint picking on anyone today, dont feel like it. Let em have at it!

Anyone mention Wildlife Gallery?

This response submitted by David Patton on 2/12/05 at 8:35 PM. ( )

oops, sorry OS...couldn't resist HAHA

Take two aspirin and write us in the morning

This response submitted by DP on 2/12/05 at 8:38 PM. ( )


Here you go

This response submitted by os on 2/13/05 at 8:10 AM. ( )

Alpha Fur Dressers
Located only 10 minutes from the Anchorage Airport, Alpha Fur Dressers will take care of the skins for your most discerning clients hunting in Alaska. These hunters will appreciate not having to bring back heavy, perishable skins. They simply drop them off on the way to the airport.
Address: 11211 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99515
Sales: (907) 868-3227 -- Fax: (907) 868-3227
Web site: -- E-mail:

Angelo's Tannery
Angelo Sylleloglou has been tanning and dressing animal pelts for over 39 years. He learned his trade in Greece as a tanner's apprentice when he was 13 years old. Angelo doesn't use machines when he tans furs. Instead, he uses his hands to produce high quality pelts and capes through Old World Craftsmanship.
Address: 10724 SE Highway 212, Clackamas, OR 97015
Sales: (503) 655-2886
Web site:

Animal Art Tanning
At Animal Art Tanning your capes and skins will be tanned with only the best quality tanning products from Rittels for superior stretch and workability. Wet and dry tans available with quick turnaround time!
Amy Ritchie -- Address: 13440 Broadway Ave, Midland NC 28107
Sales: (704) 604-8062
Web site: -- E-mail:

Art by Mikel Taxidermy Studio and Tannery
With over 30 years of taxidermy experience, our award winning Master Taxidermist captures every detail of the animal's natural look. Fur Rugs are Our Specialty. Email or call us for wholesale taxidermy and tanning price lists.
Address: 580 Bear Creek Road, Libby, MT 59923
Sales: (800) 653-0248 or (406) 293-5277 -- Fax: (406) 293-2376
Web site: -- E-mail:

Bob's Taxidermy
Wholesale buckskin tanning. Send $2 for No. 15 catalog. Refundable on first order.
Address: 524 North Market Street, Johnstown, NY 12095
Sales: (518) 762-7925

Cambras Fur Tannery
Specializing in hair-on hides. Blade grinding service available.
Address: 1655 Whipple Road, No. 13, Hayward, CA 94544
Sales: (510) 475-7594

Carolina Fur Dressing Company
Our new wet tan system will revolutionize the taxidermy and tanning industry. Call or write today for Newsletter.
Address: 900 Freedom Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales: (919) 231-9933 -- Fax: (919) 231-0741
Web site: -- E-mail:

Champion Tannery
Champion Tannery is a proud user of Rittel Products. Garment Quality Furs, Buckskins and Taxidermy Services are now available
Address: Bloomington, WI 53804
Sales: (608) 994-3157
Web site: -- E-mail:

Chilcotin Fur Tannery
High quality fur tanning in the heart of hunting country - Interior BC. We offer quick, friendly service and produce soft, beautifully tanned furs and hides using environmentally friendly techniques for customers all over Western Canada and the USA. Come for the incredible hunting and let us tan your hide when you're done!
Address: #3 951 N Mackenzie Ave, Williams Lake, BC, Canada V2G 1N9
Sales: (250) 398-6200
Web site: -- E-mail:

East Coast Tannery
"The Taxidermists' Tannery". The biggest thing controlling the quality of our tanning isn't waht we do ... it's what you do. Call or write for the free report that could save your hide!
Address: 132 South Third Street, Perkasie, PA 18944
Sales: 877-TAN-FURS (877-826-3877)

Fortman's Taxidermy and Tanning
Nationally Advertised Since 1961. One of the leading rug makers in the US. We do a average of 500-600 bear per year. Also do rugwork on smaller animals as well. Fur Rugs and Hats a Specialty! Tom Fortman & Todd Fortman, Owner, Operator.
Address: 14496 Co. Rd. 66A, St. Marys, Ohio 45885
Sales: (419) 394-4188
Web site: -- E-mail:

Frontier Fur Dressing, Inc.
Custom tanning for taxidermy. 4-6 weeks turnaround.
Address: 26 E. Kearney Street, Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Sales: (908) 469-5576

Glacier Fur Dressing, Inc.
20 plus years dedicated to quality personalized service to the Taxidermy Industry.
Address: 2185 Third Avenue East, Kalispell, MT 59901
Phone: (406) 755-8121 -- Fax: (406) 755-8127

Golden State Tannery
Free return delivery. Turnaround 60 to 75 working days, year round. Wet tan available at no extra charge (two weeks to complete). Lutan F used on all hides. Many skins hand-groomed, as well as machine groomed. Customer satisfaction, quality tanning, and fast turnaround are our main objectives.
Address: 1055 S. Soderquist Road, Turlock, CA 95380
Sales: (209) 668-1331 -- Fax: (209) 668-2064

H&H Fur Dressing
At H&H Fur Dressing Inc. we pride ourselves on the quality of our tan. Is has taken many years to develop a tan this good. We use only the best products. From the acids to the saw dust to the oils, we have spent thousands of dollars to come up with a finished product that we feel is unparallel to any other Tannery in the business.
Address: Wildlife Design, Inc., 8923 11 Mile Road, Mecosta, MI 49332
Sales: (231) 972-7102
Web site:

K&K Tannery
K and K Tannery is a family-owned tannery. As we begin our fifth year in business we are prepared to serve customers in Michigan and across the country with a quality tanning service. Our turn around time has been from 30-60 days; it is our goal to keep it so.
Sales: (877) 787-3665 -- Local: (517) 523-3196
Web site: -- E-mail:

Keystone Fur Dressing
Our 20,000 square foot facility features modern state of the art equipment to give you a quality product with a reasonable turnaround time. Our environmentally safe synthetic tanning process will beautifully preserve your trophies. We have retained nationally known Bruce Rittel's Tanning Supplies as our consultant.
Address: Gettysburg, PA
Sales: (717) 677-4553 -- Fax: (717) 677-6960
Web site: -- E-mail:

Micro-tan is a small tannery located in central Illinois. We began tanning capes for other taxidermists in 1993. We have operated a Taxidermy Studio here since 1988. What we do is take your capes from the frozen state, completely turn and salt them, thoroughly shave and tan them and return them to you ready for the mounting stage.
Address: 1933 E. 2400 N Road, Blue Mound, IL 62513
Sales: (217) 692-2792
Web site: -- E-mail:

Misty Ridge Tanning
Looking for a quality wholesale connection? We offer attention to detail, personal service, reasonable turn around time, You can expect from a small family company. We can tan your salted capes or send them frozen. We will salt, tan, detail flesh them. All you have to do is mount them when you're ready. We also offer salt, split, turn from your frozen capes and ship them anywhere you like.
Address: 699 Bridle Path Lane, Boyertown, PA 19512
Sales: 1-877-896-8009
Web site: -- E-mail:

Modern Fur Dressing. LLC
Recognized as an industry leader prroducing the highest quality fur dressing for professional taxidermists for 20 years. USDA approved and USF&W licensed to receive your foreign shipments.
Address: P. O. Box 93, 801 Rice Street, Leslie, MI 49251
Sales: (517) 589-5575 -- Fax: (517) 589-8791 -- Email:

Montana Rocky Mountain Fur Dressers Inc.
We are a wholesale commercial tannery for taxidermists. Turn around time is 30 days rush, 45 days wet tan, and 90 days or less on dry tan. We also accept African hides. Call or e-mail for current price list and shipping form.
Address: 4128 North Park Trail, Unit 2, Great Falls, MT 59405
Sales: (406) 761-2147
Web site: -- E-mail:

Moyle Mink and Tannery
The official tannery of the National Trapper Association with over 3,000 customers served each year.
Address: 374 S. 600 W., Heyburn, ID. 83336
Sales: (208) 678-3421 -- Fax: (208) 678-3385
Web site: -- E-mail:

New Method Fur Dressing Company
After intensive experimentation, we have finally done it. Our new process will prevent ear damage on good capes, plus it will protect from further damage on ears that are already damaged.
Address: 131 Beacon Street, South San Francisco, CA 94080
Sales: (650) 583-9881

North Idaho Fur Dressers
Excellent service with extremely detailed shaving and a thin hide for better workability. Very little shrinkage, and excellent shelf life. Our wet tans are hard to beat, and our soft-finished tans are great.
Address: P.O. Box 382, 409 North Main, Weippe, ID 83553
Sales: (208) 435-4822
Web site: -- E-mail:

Quality Fur Dressing LLC
We have been in business for 20 years. We can do it all...from North American to exotics and African. First time customers get special treatment with a quick turnaround. Contact us for our new customer package which includes price list & shipping documents. Try our quality workmanship for a Quality product!
Address: 1012 Rayford Rd Suite E, Spring, TX 77386
Sales: (281) 292-2206 -- Fax: (281) 292-2160 -- E-mail:

Seminole Fur Dressing
We specialize in wet tanning. Our deer and antelope capes are finished in 9 weeks or less, thinly shaven and ready to mount. Tanning done with Lutan-F and synthetic tanning agents to give you greater stretch and longer life. Brighteners and lustering agents are added to all skins. Round knife blade grinding. Our new custom made round knife blades for sale.
Address: 3746 Opelika Road, Phenix City, AL 36870
Sales: (334) 298-1704 -- Fax: (334) 298-1749
Web site: -- E-mail:

Siouxtan Fur Dressers
We are always looking for new customers that need a good tannery. Our company produces a quality product in a reasonable amount of time and at affordable prices. We use the best tanning supplies available. We specialize in customer satisfaction. Experience the difference in tanning. Call or email for our free price list.
Address: 14403 SE 7th Way, Vancouver, WA 98683
Sales: (360) 910-8869
Web site: -- E-mail:

Sivko Fur Inc. Dressers & Tanners
We are a family owned tannery. One of our managers has over 45 years of experience in all aspects of tanning with a chemical engineering background and our lead knife man has over 17 years experience. We have a 6-8 week turn around and we do both wet and dry tan. We tan everything from rabbits to elephants including crocodile, snakes, buffalos, African and exotic. We feel that we produce the softest, most supple and stretchy skins that are perfect for the taxidermist. We also tan everything from rabbits to elephants for leather. Call for color samples. We are so sure that you will like our work we are offering the FREE TANNING of one deer cape to new customers. Call for details.
Address: 3089 Route 119, P.O. Box 66, Canisteo, NY 14823
Sales: (607) 698-4827 -- Fax: (607) 698-4344 -- E-mail:

South Texas Fur Dressers, LLC
Blended tanning agents giving you excellent stretch and long life. Experienced shavers with a combined experience of over 50 years shaving. Delivery is 30 to 120 days. Call or write for price list. North American, African, exotics. USDA approved with brokers in Houston and Dallas for out of country clearing of our trophies.
Address: 1017 Northgate Road, Victoria, TX 77904
Sales: (361) 578-8154 -- Fax: (361) 578-3037 -- E-mail:

The Tannery
North American, exotics, African. The Tannery is a very competitive tannery that strives to achieve all of the qualities that today's taxidermist are looking for: evenly shaved skins with no holes, tight hair and epidermis, added brighteners to enhance hair color, soft, supple leather, long shelf-life, quick rehydration, 100 percent memory of the skin. The Tannery also provides wet-tanning. 15-30 day rush service available. Brochures available upon request.
Address: P. O. Box 123, 2784 Loco Way, Stevensville, MT 59870
Phone and Fax: (406) 777-5467 -- E-mail:

Tanning Unlimited
It's not because of our unequalled quality. It's not because of our excellent stretch. It's not because of our dependable consistency. These things definitely contributed to our success over the past thirteen years. What made us number one is good, ol' fashioned honesty and integrity. Thank you for allowing us to serve you.
Address: Rt. 1, Box 1090, Hermitage, MO 65668
Sales: (417) 745-6374

Trophy Game Tanning
We provide a full line of tanning services for taxidermists and hunters, including tanning for mounts, rawhide, and chrome tanned hair on hides and dyed leather suitable for boots and garments. Our unique degreasing works great on oily hides such as bear, beaver, sheep and boars.
Address: P.O. Box 55, 334 Broadway, Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085
Sales: (877) 783-7682 -- Fax: (920) 467-8694
Web site: -- E-mail:

Trophy Tanning & Taxidermy
We tan and mount all big game. Moose, Sheep, Caribou, Mountain Goat and Musk Ox. Also, grizzly, brown and black bear and african species. Whatever your taxidermy needs, we at Trophy Tanning & Taxidermy will ensure your satisfaction.
Address: 2231 Green Forest Drive, Palmer, AK 99645
Sales: (907) 745-6186 -- Fax: (907) 745-6186
Web site: -- E-mail:

Wildlife Fur Dressing, Inc.
Rush service on bear, deer, elk 30-45 working days no extra charge. 60 to 75 working days turnaround. Wet tan 10 working days. 5% discount net 10 days. Call for details.
Address: 3415 Harold Street, Ceres, CA 95307
Sales: (209) 538-2901 -- Fax: (209) 538-0630

The Wildlife Gallery, Inc.
Our synthetic tan provides excellent stretch and no shrinkage. Couple that with a veteran team of shavers and a customer service program that is second to none, and you understand why we are the industry leader in wholesale fur dressing.
Address: 737 Jackson Road, Blanchard, MI 49310
Sales: (989) 561-5369 -- Fax: (989) 561-2233
Web site: -- E-mail:

Wolf River Taxidermist Tannery
Wolf River Taxidermist Tannery's mission is to provide high qualtiy hair on tanning at low costs while maintaining a personal relationship with each customer. We always use environmentally safe chemicals.
Address: N5558 State Road 76 Shiocton, WI 54170
Sales: (920) 986-3898 -- Fax: (920) 986-3018
Web site: -- E-mail:

Yost Fur Dressing
Yost Fur Dressing offers soft, supple skins with high luster, and no missing claws. Quality always! Free price list and samples.
Address: 6771 Hwy, 42-57, Dept. B, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Sales: (920) 743-7162 -- Fax: (920) 743-9678

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This response submitted by Jeff F. on 2/13/05 at 12:52 PM. ( )

OS, you certainly have a way of making a point! Do you need a vacation or what? You're really starting to make old George look like a nice guy. Jeff F.

Now that was funny!

This response submitted by David Patton on 2/13/05 at 1:57 PM. ( )

I don't care who ya are, that was funny! Glad to see you in better spirits OS.

I didnt even read my c&p

This response submitted by oldshaver on 2/13/05 at 9:20 PM. ( )

See a few new ones, This crap is getting funnier by the day. I am trying not to be such a pecker head these days, but it sure is hard. How do you get your name highlighted in blue around here? The politics are getting so deep around here, I am going to have to start wearing hip-waders just to sit at the key board! Already on a four day weekend, and have been sick the whole damn time. Jeff, on my best day,(or worst) I aint got nothin for George. Im trying, but so far, he is still the man when it comes to short fuses.LOL


This response submitted by G on 2/16/05 at 2:00 PM. ( )

Carolina Fur Dressing Company
Our new wet tan system will revolutionize the taxidermy and tanning industry. Call or write today for Newsletter.
Address: 900 Freedom Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales: (919) 231-9933 -- Fax: (919) 231-0741
Web site: -- E-mail:

Ontario Tannery

This response submitted by Brad on 2/27/05 at 12:35 PM. ( )

Fulkerson's Fur Dressing
Address: PO Box 1851, Blenheim, Ontario N0P 1A0
Phone: 519-676-1356 or 519-401-0063

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