formic pickle

Submitted by Brent on 2/13/05 at 11:21 AM. ( )

Can anyone give me the recipe for a formic picke and the ph levels
Thanks BRENT

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This response submitted by George on 2/13/05 at 11:32 AM. ( )

You use formic acid. That IS the recipe, but you dilute it in water. The amount of acid you use will depend directly on the size of the vat you're using for your pickle. One cup to one gallon might be sufficient, but if you have a bathtub, it'll take more. The pH for a pickle will always be the same regardless of what acid you use. I like mine at 1.0 but you should be safe up TO 2.5.

My recipe

This response submitted by Rich P. on 2/13/05 at 2:36 PM. ( )

I use 1oz. of formic acid to every gallon of water plus 1 pound of salt to every gallon of water which gives me a PH of 2.

And I stand corrected

This response submitted by George on 2/13/05 at 3:52 PM. ( )

As the gentleman he is, Bruce Rittel informs me that formic won't get as low as the acids I've used. He says that it only goes down to 2.0 and THAT'S why use of it becomes problematic. That means you only have .5 pH to play with. Thanx Bruce, as I told you, I've never used formic myself.

recipe for pickeling

This response submitted by Laurier on 2/14/05 at 9:14 AM. ( )

45 canadian gallons = 55 u.s. gallons

so 55 u.s. gallons water
45 lbs salt ( 1.5 to 2.5 ) P.H.
1 liter formic acid



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