Contact info for Auto Tanner

Submitted by Tracy on 2/15/05 at 6:05 PM. ( )

I need to contact the manufacturer of the Auto Tanner to get a replacement part. Does anyone have the contact info? Thanks.

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Here it is

This response submitted by Randall on 2/15/05 at 8:10 PM. ( )

Ask For Steve.
His # is 800-542-9489

don't call steve

This response submitted by kevin on 2/17/05 at 12:58 AM. ( )

Don't waste your time contacting Steve. I ordered one and it took eight weeks to get here, ONLY after calling him several times after waiting patiently for four weeks. The guy almost never returns calls and has more excuses then anyone I have ever meet. I would advise you to purchase one through Van Dykes or elsewhere. I do have to say though that the tanner is pretty awesome. Now Steve just needs to learn to how to run a business.

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