Quick question about tanning

Submitted by Jim on 2/17/05 at 11:35 PM. ( jameshutto1@aol.com )

What cape preparation need to be done before sending capes to tannery, meaning do I need to flesh and turn lips, eyes, etc. Or does the tannery do all of it? I have never used one and I am getting swamped in capes for shoulder mounts and just seems that it might be a little faster for me. What's your input

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This response submitted by Mark H on 2/18/05 at 12:54 AM. ( haskees@access4less.net )

Some offer to do all prep work and some don't.


This response submitted by MOUNTAIN MAN on 2/20/05 at 10:44 AM. ( )

tanneries dont do prep work for free. It depends what your time is
worth -vs- what you want to pay to have it done.

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