shampooing deer capes

Submitted by shannon on 2/20/05 at 11:38 PM. ( )

I recently attended a seminar at the eastern regionals that discussed shampooing capes in pert shampoo before mounting. I was wondering if this would effect the quality of the tan? { Im guessing this is done after the tanning oil has soaked in and before mounting.} Seems like it might wash out some of the oil. I like the way it leaves the fur, but wondering what the long term effects might be?

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Just use a good conditioner

This response submitted by George on 2/21/05 at 12:00 AM. ( )

I routinely wash my tanned wild sheep and mountain goat tanned hide with a commercial conditioner bought at Sally's Beauty Supply. It makes the hair comb so much easier and it teases up quite well on the goats. It doesn't have all the soap of shampoo and I trust it better.

Just make sure you rinse - thoroughly!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/21/05 at 1:13 AM. ( )

Just make you rinse the cape or skin thoroughly after washing - otherwise most household detergents are persistent and leave behind a residue that can weaken the epidermis and cause slippage. Thats why most suppliers - like ourselves - sell a washing agent thats easily rinsed away after usage.

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