John C. can you help me?

Submitted by Orion on 2/21/05 at 5:39 PM. ( )

i jus received a mouflon that a customer had jus brought. it was already slipping on the legs i skinned it out and turned everything already. now the steps that i took in order in saving this cape was mixing half salt and the auto tanner crystals. the hair look like it set itself in pretty tight. but i was wondering, how long can i leave it in this situation? should i throw the cape into the auto tanner and use the tanning cystals or use a formula that bruce Rittel uses.

to every 10 gallons of water add
5lbs of salt
4 lbs of ammonium aluminum sulpahte
6 ozs of soda ash and 1 oz of phenol
it says leave the the skins in this tanning solution for 2-3 days. remove, drain, shave degrease wash, rinse, and return to the tanning solution for 3-4 days. which method you feel would be safer?

by the way, for those that are wondering why i accepted the cape is because its a pure mouflon with very nice markings on it. and its only slipping on the legs. so i told the customer that there is no guarantee. thatnk you for all your help in advance.

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one more thing

This response submitted by Orion on 2/21/05 at 6:10 PM. ( )

can i dispose of the chemical(auto tanning crystals ) in my grass? if im not mistaken you once said that it will make the grass greener. jus wondering cause i want my grass to be fuller. thank you.

Sounds like you should be able to save it

This response submitted by John C on 2/21/05 at 6:14 PM. ( )

Give that should stop it. I would have it in there now, even add some acid even if it just 5% vinegar. I would use the vinegar in place of any water.

The A?S should stop the bacteria, but I know adding the acid will!

I always keep some Oxalic acid crystals around.

WASCO has good crystals.

The only problem with using it on grass is the salt.

This response submitted by John C on 2/21/05 at 9:31 PM. ( )

Its Feb, and where I dumped it in the yard is in need of being moved again. Yes I said again I mowed it last week and its grown so much it needs to be mowed again and is very very green.

Fescue yard I need to add.

thank you!

This response submitted by Orion on 2/21/05 at 11:29 PM. ( )

so do you think that it would be a bad idea to put it into the auto tanner?

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