Bascal-S and Waste

Submitted by Wild Pride on 2/22/05 at 11:45 AM. ( )

Hello All,
My question is two fold:
I have a friend that runs a very sucessful taxidermy shop here in New York that uses Bascal-S, salt, and water only for his pickle then goes on to shaving using Liquitan for his tanning oil. He has well water and claims to have never checked pH and has left skins and capes in there for weeks. I use Safety Acid and McKenzie tan. I like it but I am constantly checking and adjusting pH levels, I have read everything I can about Bascal-S and every reference shows that it is used in conjunction with some type of acid however, in both the McKenzie and Van Dyke catalog it reads;"for use with pickles or by itself". Can anyone verify the effectiveness of using Bascals? It would sure make my pickling process a lot easier but I am leary trying something new with customers' hides.

Secondly: I have read past forums' archives and looked around on the internet for environmentaly safe methods of pickle/tanning disposal. Everything I read seems to say things like" Use appropriate disposal methods..." What I want to know is, what are the nuts and bolts of disposal? What are some of the ways you guys use for evaporation or filtering, are dry-wells acceptable? I have well water and I am afraid of contamination are there filtration systems out there? Something I could build? I hate to call a chemical disposal company they would charge me all my profit. Right now I just neutralize and then dump in my driveway. I feel ok doing this but as business picks up my waste is ever increasing. Any help is appreciated.

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just wondering

This response submitted by bruce on 2/22/05 at 9:58 PM. ( )

i use saftee acid. and have for a few years now. i was wondering what you do to your capes and all to have to adjust the ph. i have not once had to adjust the ph after i have added the skin and waited 1 hour and adjusted it.after i do that saftee acid has held its ph for up 4 weeks and not acid added or baking soda.maybe it is your well water.well anyways was just wondering


This response submitted by Wild Pride on 2/23/05 at 11:56 AM. ( )

First of all thanks for your response. I have pickled beaver hides and did not have to adjust the pickle for several weeks. Deer and Bear I add about an ounce of saftee acid every day and a half or so. With the deer I place a few peices of wood on top of the hide and then put a brick on top to hold all of the hide under the solution. I thought that maybe the brick was neutralizing the pickle but I don't put anything on top of bear hides because they shrink and I still add saftee acid a lot. Have you ever used Bascal-s and salt for your pickle?

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