dry salted elk cape , how do I start the tanning process?

Submitted by charlie on 2/22/05 at 11:56 PM. ( smith1420@ comcast.net )

I have a dry salted elk cape I purchased, and did'nt realize it was a dry salted cape. Ive only delt with raw capes. I use 3 lbs aluminum sulfate, 6lbs salt , to 12 gallons of water. Thats my tan recipe. How do I get the elk cape to a state that i can tan it? Help me please. I do not salt my capes at all. They go in the tan raw.

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Can I give you a little advice

This response submitted by Todd B on 2/23/05 at 2:16 PM. ( )

I just got finished mounting one that I tanned. I would highly recommend sending it to a tannery. It is a fairly big job and not easy. I shaved mine and when I started to mount it I realized it needed more shaving. It will save you a ton of labor and headaches especially if you are not experienced at tanning.

Todd B

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