Tempature ?

Submitted by Leo on 2/23/05 at 2:30 PM. ( leo.brennan@constellation.com )

Hey you guys(Ladies) I just started tanning my own hides and I am using saftee acid. My heater went out on me in my basement so it is about 50 degrees. So my water is about 50 degrees. Is this a safe temp to use saftee acid? Thanks Leo

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Time / Temperature / Concentration

This response submitted by David Crookall on 2/23/05 at 3:52 PM. ( sentry@ptd.net )

Yes, this is an OK temp. at which to use "SAFETY ACID". Just keep the old chemistry saying in mind. As each of the T/T/C changes, the process will be effected accordingly. Lower temps. usually mean the time will have to be lengthened. TO BE SURE....CALL BRUCE Rittel.

Thanks !

This response submitted by Leo on 2/23/05 at 5:23 PM. ( )

Thank you David! I found it by using the little orange guy.

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