turning sheep fleece into a rug

Submitted by sarah pearson on 2/26/05 at 8:40 AM. ( piggy_999@fsmail.net )

i have a sheep skin which i would like to make a rug out of.i know nothing about the process ie washing,tanning etc... can anyone help.

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We sell a Sheepskin Tanning Kit!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 2/26/05 at 9:21 AM. ( rittel@mindspring.com )

Our Sheepskin Tanning Kit (#EW-3000) has detailed step by step instructions on how to tan your Sheepskin. For more info - e-mail me at Rittel@mindspring.com or go to our website at: http://Rittelsupplies.net

It's listed on our on-line Pricelist.

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