where can I get krowtan oil or what ever it is called

Submitted by stanley on 4/4/05 at 12:41 PM. ( )

Ihave looked and cant find it will other oils work as good with krowtan 2000.

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You can

This response submitted by Deerman on 4/4/05 at 1:02 PM. ( )

get it at Ozark Woods 1-800-467-0369

great stuff Stanly id stick with krowoil

This response submitted by paul e on 4/4/05 at 1:23 PM. ( americanmetalfab@bellsouth.net )

id stick with the krowoil
use it to the directions given
you wont believe the stretch youll get with the krowtann and krowoil
almost zero strinkage too
after mounting put some oil on the eyes and mouth and nose
it will preserve the color and even further reduce shrinkage

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