pressure for auto tanners

Submitted by Justin on 3/7/05 at 11:06 PM. ( )

Was looking at making my own auto tanner and was curious how much pressure is recommended for formic acid pickling and lutan f tan. Looked in the archives but could not find anything.

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This response submitted by mrdux on 3/8/05 at 8:47 AM. ( )

I have one of Steve's small tanners and I use 50 psi per his instructions. I haven't had a problem with 50 psi so I've had no reason to try other pressure settings. I use his tanning crystals but I'm sure it would work the same for other formulas.

BE carfull

This response submitted by Doug on 3/8/05 at 12:22 PM. ( )

If you are not a certifide welder or fermiliar with boiler making .
These thing are like a BOMB I have a friend that tried it and a 25 PSI the door came apart and put him in the hospital now he has a 8 inch scar and a bum shoulder for life. do your self a favor and buy one . Look around and you can find them used for reasonable prices.


This response submitted by Ed Babneau on 3/8/05 at 4:54 PM. ( )

I coulld'nt have said it better! Comercial Auto tanners are presure tested well in exess of #150. NONE of them recomend more than #50 maximum presure w/ 35-50# being optimum presure.AND, Doug is a porely made presure tanner is nothing less than a BOMB! If it comes apart it CAN and will KILL!, not to mention the chemicals. I purchased a used 35 gal. tanner in exelent shape for under $500.00. What's you life worth? think about it!


This response submitted by Thomas on 3/8/05 at 8:27 PM. ( )

I don't own a pressure tanner But I wandered why use pressure when pressure compresses.Why not vacume were vacume will expand the hide & alow for deeper penetration by opening the poors.To me that would make sense but maybe it works different than that?

Pressure tanner

This response submitted by Wegner's School of Taxidermy Ron on 3/10/05 at 4:06 PM. ( )

Pressure tanning the best way to tan ,you get away from useing salt that removes all the enzimes and other cemicals that makes the hide to lose the ability to get the maximium strech out of the hide.Do you want to buy a stainles steel air tanning machien I have 2 of them I only need one.

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