Tanning Question?

Submitted by scott on 4/1/05 at 5:30 PM. ( sschuh@flinthills.com )

Is it necessary to keep adjusting the ph level up as the tanning is being done? I know the ph will drop as the hide starts to absorb the tan but should a person adjust it up the first couple of hours or just let it be? Do you want to maintain the ph level of 4 all the way through?


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This response submitted by Mr. T on 4/1/05 at 7:43 PM. ( )

I mix the tan, put the cape in it, go on with life, come back, drain, oil, tumble, mount, go on to the next one. Why do you want to watch the leather tan?

I guess I should explain

This response submitted by scott on 4/1/05 at 10:23 PM. ( sschuh@flinthills.com )

I have been using Lutan F for several years now and always mixed it right on the money 4 oz Lutan,4 gal water and 32 oz salt and it came out ph 3.5 every time and stayed that throughout the process but when I use EZ 100,I have a hard time getting it to where I need it and keeping it there.I got it to a ph of 4 today while doing a couple of fox and 10 minutes later it was at a ph of 7.I lowered it and checked it 30 minutes later and it climbed to around 5.I am on well water not city water so I am assuming that has something to do with it.

Sorry Scott

This response submitted by Mr. T on 4/2/05 at 7:11 AM. ( )

I use the Lutan so I guess I dont know what you are talking about. I mix it and forget it, and have no problems with the Lutan. Sounds like the EZ is not so easy.


This response submitted by Dave on 4/2/05 at 9:04 PM. ( )

Are you tanning deer? How long did you soak in baking soda?


This response submitted by Bob on 4/2/05 at 9:11 PM. ( )

check after about ahalf hour after putting your skin in your tanning solution.I'll check my solution three to four times aday because ez tan goes up and down. I would think well water would be better to use than city water because of the chemicals in the water for drinking. EZ 100 raises on me to so just check it and i been using city water so i would play safe than be sorry.

I soaked 30 minutes

This response submitted by scott on 4/3/05 at 5:42 PM. ( sschuh@flinthills.com )

Dave,I never go over 20 to 30 minutes in neutralizing skins.I then rinse twice with cool water before tanning.I done a couple red fox and they came out fine other that a few stray hairs.I will mount them tomorrow and see how they stretch.

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