how much baking soda to neutralize capes with ez 100

Submitted by dean coffey on 4/9/05 at 11:47 PM. ( )

Hello, I miss placed my chart for the dry measurement of baking soda for neutralizing capes. I'm using Liqua Tan for my tanning, how much do I add to this solution. How many tablespoons of baking soda equals one ounce. Thanks Dean

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/10/05 at 1:30 AM. ( )

Assuming you were using EZ-100 instead of Liqua-Tan - I would recommend you use 1 oz. (by weight) of Baking soda per each 1 gallon of water. Soak the skins or capes for 20 minutes, rinse and place them in an EZ-100 tanning solution! Of course, I'm not familiar with the instructions for Liqua-Tan. They may be different.

Works the same

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 4/10/05 at 8:48 AM. ( )

Being a fan of both tans, I use the same method that Bruce discribes here.

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