Submitted by bob m on 4/13/05 at 10:40 AM. ( bmontenero@yahoo.com )

any recomendations for a tannery in n.e. area? thanks...bob m.

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Great tannery

This response submitted by satisfied customer on 4/13/05 at 11:22 AM. ( )

Give Misty Ridge Tanning a try. Dave does a great job and has a real short turnaround time. He is located in Boyertown PA. Call him at 1-877-896-8009. Or check out his website at
mistyridgetanning.com You won't be dissapointed

K & K Tannery

This response submitted by C. Thomas on 4/14/05 at 8:31 AM. ( )

Excellent stretch to capes/hides, great turnaround time and good people to work with too! Give them a call Jeff or Gary at 877-787-3665. Their website is kandktannery.com

east coast

This response submitted by Joe on 4/14/05 at 2:21 PM. ( Joeps95@earthlink.net )

Try East Coast in Perkasie, P.A. 1-800-tanfurs they offer split,turn,tan if you don't have the time they have an outstanding tan knobloch products i believe

Keystone Tannery

This response submitted by me on 4/15/05 at 7:26 AM. ( )

Keystone Tannery Asper PA you will not be disappointed (717) 677-4553

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