dry vs. wet tanning

Submitted by tim on 4/16/05 at 11:45 PM. ( )

i was wondering what the differences are in dry mount vs. a wet tanned mount ,are they noticeable different, and how, i know everyone has a preference, thanks for any info you can share.

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This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 4/17/05 at 5:32 AM. ( basswtrout@msn.com )

I'm not to sure of what your trying to say here but what I'm guessing is that your going to mount whit a dry tanned hide instead of a hide that is what your calling a wet tan.
If this is correct then here's the difference. With a dry hide your not really the correct stretch and probally won't fit the manikin the right way. This is why even if you get a dry tanned hide back from the tannery you must rehydrate it to be able to mount it properly.
So in the end you should always rehydrate the hide and then mount it to asure the best stretch and fit you can have.
I hope this helps out.

thanks frank

This response submitted by tim on 4/17/05 at 10:15 PM. ( )

that is exactly what i meant, how would you sugest hydrating it, thanks again.

Rehydrate tanned hide

This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 4/18/05 at 12:58 PM. ( basswtrout@msn.com )

Old Universal method to rehydrate. A handful of salt(4oz.) per 1 gallon of water, soak the skin, after 30 minutes, remove the skin, place it in a plastic bag while its dripping wet, and refrigerate overnight, the next day it should be ready!


This response submitted by tim on 4/18/05 at 9:33 PM. ( )

thanks again frank you've been more then helpful. tim


This response submitted by Drew on 4/19/05 at 7:17 PM. ( )

I use all dry tanned because it is easier to store them. With a wet tan you have to freeze them when they come back from the tannery unless you mount it right away.

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