South Texas Fur Dressers

Submitted by Randy on 4/19/05 at 11:35 PM. ( )

Hello, I am looking for comments on South Texas Fur Dressers, the good or the bad. I have allways tried to work with only the best tannerys but I am looking to find one closer to home and one that has a good reputation with tanning and recieving, USDA, etc for African Shipments. I am tired of huge shipping bills and trying to clear my own international shipments.
Do any of you out there have your African shipments shipped directly to South Texas Fur Dressers using their agent/broker.

How do you like the tan and the brokerage services?

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This response submitted by Russell on 4/21/05 at 1:53 PM. ( )

They screwed up two of a very good clients zebras they came back and said It must have been my fault Because they were not shipped right ?!?! I did not understand that either but they would not stand behind there work....

N. American animals

This response submitted by jim on 4/23/05 at 4:10 PM. ( )

I never had any exotics or african work tanned by them, but they do a great job on N. American stuff. Their hides and capes have great stretch and they are not full of holes when you get them back. Some other places I have tried in the past were not very good.

Strict Shipping Instructions

This response submitted by John on 4/24/05 at 8:27 PM. ( )

ST Fur Dressers has a strict shipping policy. The owner is very knowledgable. He has developed some of the best tanning chemicals and processes used today. Also, when you send off a skin to have it tanned it is at the owners risk, not the tannery. My opinion of ST Fur Dressers is very high. I have visited the establishment and it is top notch. Some of the best and most experienced shavers work there.

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