Wile Shaving, encounter glue type material

Submitted by Pedro G. on 4/25/05 at 7:49 PM. ( )

I do all my tannig but have some problems on the thining proces, I thin them partly by hand and after pickle with a turner machine and by hand , I also use a wet drum to rehidrate,picle and tann but some times after pickiling for 2 days when I am shaving the heavy african skins, as I thin the skin some yellow glue type sticky material rises from the skin and I cant shave no more , before shaving they seem to be well rehidrated and well pickeled 2-2.5 Ph so what is happenig, any recomendations.
When I have this problems I picle more time and it helps but I wish I could get all that sticky material away as I am sure that is not good to get a soft, strechy skin for taxidermy

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The thick parts

This response submitted by os on 4/25/05 at 8:13 PM. ( )

are not re-hydrated yet. Keep putting it back in pickle, and re-shave until gone. This is very common on thick skins.

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