Rawhide lamp shades

Submitted by Kristi on 4/26/05 at 1:14 PM. ( )

How are rawhide lamp shades processed? I do my own fur-on tanning, but would like to make some of these. Is rawhide just cured (not tanned) hide? If so, is it better to tan them?

I did a brief search on this, and got some really gross results about tanning humans and stuff... and unsuccessful attempts at rawhide making. Maybe we need to resurrect this subject... ha ha

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This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 4/27/05 at 3:21 AM. ( rittel @mindspring.com )

I could easily e-mail you - but you didnt include your address - here goes a "shortened" version.

First - dehair the skin using lime, then rinse and delime it using a delimer solution. Then pickle it. If you prefer a thin skin - after 3 days in the p

ickle - then shave it thinner. After shaving and degreasing (if neccessary) - now neutralize and rinse the skin - and you have Rawhide!

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