anyone know what wall hanger tanned hides go for ?

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Hello everyone,
I thought I would ask what do tanned hides typically sell for like a nice large 38 inch tail base Texas wall hanger coyote with the feet , wall hanger ringtail cat with feet , a open skinned Texas deer hide, nice 33inch to tail base Texas Bobcat with feet , and a northern Yukon section mink wall hanger no feet attached . and a small Texas pup coyote wall hanger no feet attached.

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tanned, raw?

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Depends on quality, color, size, if raw, if dressed and who dressed by, year dressed, do they have feet, tails, etc.
Post up pictures and descriptions for an "appraisal" of your skins.
Or just sell them and find out what the fair market will pay.

not raw hides I mean tanned hides

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Such as a 38 inch coyote measured from nose to tail base a 20 inch coyote from nose to tail base and a large Texas whitetail not sure of measurments but dressed out at 112lbs.
What do northern Canadian mink typically sell for tanned only.

meh, very avg

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The coyotes, 1 is a L/XL (36" being the cutoff for L) and the other is a S / XS (very small). They are southern section, semi-heavy at best. Probably brown. Do they have any damage? Like mange. $.50 to $15 per skin, more if unusual color, maybe unsaleable if damaged. I recommend eBay for selling and price checking.

(many vendors sell these flat coyotes for $10 as "desert coyotes" and $10 is about $6 more then they paid, per skin. i.e. those are $4 pelts and that's pushing it.)

Don't know about the deer but many processors sell the backskins and full hides (no heads or feet) for $2-4 per skin (not tanned). So, $2-4.

Mink, wild, depends on your market. One skin, sell it for what you want (eBay for price). If you have 50-100 skins to sell that you caught yourself, we'll talk.

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