breaking coyote

Submitted by terryr on 5/4/05 at 12:27 AM. ( )

here's how i am breaking - seems like i'm doing it the slow way - tell me how to do it differently - i pikled tanned(lutanf) and oiled - as oil 'evaporates (fur side out) i open up hide and manually break by pulling - this is no probem and it works fine - how can i get whole hide to dry uniformly so i can break all at once

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leave the leather side out

This response submitted by Chris on 5/4/05 at 9:26 AM. ( )

Leave the skin leather side out on a day that you will have time to work the skin every couple of hours. Every couple of hours work the skin over the edge of a counter, until the skin is pretty well dry. Unless you shaved the skin to a uniform thickness you are not going to get the skin to dry uniformly.


After oiling...........!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 5/6/05 at 1:28 AM. ( )

After oiling - it's a good idea to throw some sawdust in a garbage bag, add a little Odorless Mineral Spirits, put the wet skin in (fur side out), tie it off, and bounce it around for 5 minutes. I call this "damp drying". It removes the excess moisture and besides cleaning up any oil splash it also removes the fur's natural oils and gives the pelt a full look! After bouncing it - blow it off with an air hose.

This method helps the pelt dry evenly and faster by removing that excess moisture.

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