Quality Fur Dressing, Spring, Texas

Submitted by Stephen Godfrey on 5/6/05 at 11:18 PM. ( spankndope@yahoo.com )

For those in the need of an excellent tannery in Texas, Quality Fur Dressing is it! I started using them this year and have had nothing but great service and very quick turn around on rugs and capes. They are also an importer for African game and I just finished a Kudo they tanned for me. The capes appeared to have been in fair shape when they came from Africa, but they mounted awesome. Every time I have had a question about anything they have been more than helpful. I would highly reccomend them and their prices are very reasonable.
Stephen Godfrey
Godfrey Taxidermy
Nacogdoches, Texas

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Another GREAT tannery

This response submitted by Brent on 5/7/05 at 11:57 AM. ( brent@3doutdoors.com )

In Spring Texas is "Texas Best Stretch". I think it is owned by Conroe Taxidermy. Thier number is 281-681-8277. Dave or Jay

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